About LHF

What is the Living Heart Foundation?

The Living Heart Foundation (LHF) was founded by Archie Roberts, MD,in 2001, following a grant from the Charles Edison Fund (Newark, NJ). The Foundation is currently a nationally functioning, multi-institutional, 501 (c) (3) public charity that is IRB approved while dedicated to health education, screening, database creation, outcomes reporting and wellness program development. In practice, LHF delivers a unique brand of education and health features to diverse communities in need. This is achieved through the creation of mutually beneficial partnerships that include healthcare providers, educators, schools, hospitals, industry and active/retired professional athletes. This blending is our form of a public/private collaborative.

General Overview

The Living Heart Foundation (LHF) is a nonprofit organization under IRS 501 (c) (3) code which was initially funded by a grant from the Edison Foundation.  Subsequently, private donations have been obtained from companies like Pfizer, Meridian Health System and from individuals.  

The LHF was established by retired cardiac surgeon Arthur J. Roberts, M.D. in April 2001 to combat sudden cardiac death and to provide risk stratification with early intervention for cardiac, pulmonary, and metabolic conditions through on-site screening and integrated health programs.

LHF has been dedicated to providing these services to specific groups that traditionally have been overlooked, especially high school, college and professional athletes.  The initial efforts began with a number of high schools in Massachusetts, followed by the Columbia football team.  In the next phase, the Foundation has extended its services to rescue workers at the World Trade Center disaster, and has been invited to assist at the Summer 2004 Olympics in Greece.

Most recently, the LHF has begun a national health screening program involving current and retired professional football players.   Coincidentally, the organization has become a partner with the American Heart Association, the American College of Cardiology, and Pfizer in an exciting new movement called the Boomer Coalition.  The purpose of this alliance is to promote public awareness of the significance of CV disease in the aging baby boomers.


Strategic Alliances

Dr. Roberts has assembled a World-Class Board of Advisors

Mission Statement
The Living Heart Foundation's mission is fivefold:  

  • Generate intense awareness of the importance of CV disease;
  • Perform early detection of CV abnormalities through screening;
  • Create a health stratification database; 
  • Track the health data longitudinally;
  • Develop website education and lifestyle programs to empower people to counter adverse effects of persistent health problems;
The results of early detection and intervention through the Foundation's integrated-preventative approach significantly decrease medical costs compared to persistent, uncorrected abnormalities and increase compliance related to achieving healthcare goals.  State-of-the-art technology to deliver information and create interactive programs can be customized as needed.
Dr. Arthur J. Roberts
The Foundation's Chairman and President is Arthur J. Roberts, MD. Dr. Roberts is a Columbia College graduate and a noted cardiac surgeon, former Chairman of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery Boston University Medical Center, and a published author of over 110 scientific journal and book articles.  As an ex NFL Quarterback, Dr. "Archie" Roberts brings a unique perspective to the project.